You’ll Never Guess Why This Guy Is Pouring A Blue Liquid On A Diaper. It’s BRILLIANT! I’m Trying This!

Other than its obvious uses, it’s a good idea to keep a few disposable diapers around even if you don’t have any babies in your household.

Here are 12 unusual ways you can use them, including their leak proof element for something different than a baby’s poop:

1. We all enjoy the beauty of flowers in our home. There is a way to keep you fresh cut flowers fresher, longer. You only need to remove the small beads inside and place them in a vase filled with water. The beads will hold water in them and help the flowers stay hydrated longer.

2. Diapers can serve as a super paper towel. You can clean up spills with it. Use it face down and wipe the mess. There is no need of using too many paper towels.

3. Improve your garden with water by using a knife to open the inside of a disposable diaper. So you will permit the beads of Sodium Polyacrylate to fall out. The beads will help the soil retain moisture so there won’t be necessary to water too often.

4. In case of spilling something on a favorite book and now want to dry it quickly, place it open on the inside of a disposable diaper. Close the book around the diaper, hold it up out of the sun, run a fan, and wait. It will soak up the spill immediately.

5. Another use of disposable diaper is to make your own ice pack. You just need to cut off the ends, leave the middle, absorbent section. Pour a ½ cup of water on it and 1 cup of rubbing alcohol. After you fold it nicely, place in a zipper bag in the freezer.

6. Of course, you can make hot packs too. You only need to fill with warm water, close it up and apply it to the body part you need it.

7. Use these diapers for packing material for fragile items. They work great when you are shipping items or moving.

8. I hope you will never use this advice, but diapers can serve a great purpose if you have a serious injury and you are bleeding a lot. A diaper can control the bleeding until you can get into the ER.

9. If you have a leaking pipe at home, wrap a diaper around the leak before calling a plumber. Fix the problem as soon as possible because, of course the diaper won’t last long.

10. If you change your own oil in your car, a disposable diaper will be your new friend. Just place it where the oil will leak out as you remove the filter and the diaper will soak up any oil spilled.

11. You can use one or two diapers to insulate the pipes under your sinks and prevent freezing if you live in a cold area.

12. If you are a horse owner, you can make poultices for the hooves of your horses or even booties for the cold weather out of diapers.

Video and image source: Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”

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