Your Forehead Size Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Every person on this planet is different, even though there are a lot of people that look alike. Some have similar face features, others have identical hands and others have the same forehead type.

Our forehead is our personality statement, some have broad forehead some have straight or narrow etc.

According to the old Chinese art of face reading: the size and shape of your forehead have a lot to say about your personality.

Here are all the forehead types and their hidden meaning!

1. Broad Forehead

People with  broad forehead are super intelligent and extremely skillful with helping nature. They are very sensitive kind.


2. Narrow Forehead

These people are risk takers. They are introvert and always listen to their heart.


3. Fuji Mount- Forehead

People with Fuji-Mount forehead are not common. They are kind and gentle in nature. These people are passionate towards their work and are romantic in nature.


4. Straight Forehead

Straight forehead people work harder to achieve their goals.


5. M- shaped Forehaed

M- shaped forehead are practical in their life. They are trusting but are little boring. Most of these people are quite artistic.


6. Sharp Forehead

People with sharp forehead are obstinate until they achieve their goals they won’t leave their path. These people are more argumentative.


7. Curved Forehead

Curved forehead people are open minded. They make friend easily and are full of positive vibes.


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